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Mini Moo, Moo Lacto and Moo Shakes

Mini Moo! Full Cream Milk has all the great taste of Moo! in a new fun, kid–sized pack. It has no additives or preservatives and is not reconstituted from powdered milk. Moo! Milk is real cow’s milk with vitamins A, B12 and D to give your kids strong bones, teeth and provides 100% of their calcium needs. 

Add Moo! Milk in your kid’s lunch kits to give them a healthy snack or drink with lunch instead of sugary soft drinks.

Moo! Lacto Lactose Free Milk is real cow’s milk made lactose free by adding lactase, a natural enzyme that breaks down the lactose in milk. This makes is it easy to digest for people with lactose intolerance.

Because Moo! Lacto is made from real, fresh cow’s milk it has all the vitamins and minerals of regular milk but without the lactose. Feel free to add it to your cereals, beverages and cooking.

Enjoy the taste of real milk again with Moo Lacto Lactose Free Milk. Welcome back!